Quality financial advice in plain English at a fair price

Bespoke financial advice for those investing more than £250,000

Tax planning and employee benefit advice for successful businesses

There are four key stages to our advice process:

Discovery, Research, Recommendation and Review


We will ask for the right information to advise you on:
Your financial and other objectives
Your attitude to investment risk
The likely term of your investment
We will ask you to sign letters of authority in relation to existing plans


Our support team will research your existing arrangements including:
Costs comparison with alternatives
Investment risk comparison to your attitude to risk
Investment performance comparison with benchmarks


Once our research is complete we will recommend a course of action that is in your best interests, not ours with full explanations on:
The product selected and reasons (this may include why you should retain your current plans, if this applies)
Costs and charges
Investment strategy


We will support you with a regular programme of reviews to make sure that our advice remains correct and up to date in an ever changing world.