Equity release lets you access the equity (cash) which is tied up in your home either by a lump sum payment, as income over a period of time or a combination of both. The scheme allows you to stay in your home and you don’t need to make any repayments during your lifetime. Equity release is usually available to you when you are aged over 55 and find it more difficult to get a mortgage.

As independent financial advisors with access to all the market, we can advise on on what kind of equity release is right for you (and advise on alternatives), find you the best deal and ensure you fully understand the long-term implications of equity release.



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Equity release is an emotive subject and its history has sadly been tarnished by a few greedy advisers and providers. Square One is a long-established firm with a track record in providing sympathetic advice which is often not to use equity release. Our advisers do not work to any sales targets, so you can be confident that we are looking after your best interests.

Equity release often goes hand in hand with providing care costs. Two of our equity release advisers are qualified to advised on long term care. We never advise vulnerable clients without involving the family to make sure that equity release is the right way forward for you and your loved ones.

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